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Lauren Rice-Springs, Travel Advisor


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About Lauren:

While growing up in the California Bay Area, I was a self-appointed Disney kid through and through. I owned every imaginable Disney VHS and vacationed in Disneyland a few times per year. The magic of Disney was engrained in my family, and, to this day, I call Disneyland my second home.


In fact, after turning my husband into a Disney fan, we spent our honeymoon in Walt Disney World! (Just between us, I may have enjoyed planning that trip almost more than my wedding…shhh!)


My love for and experience with Disneyland combined with my passion for finding the best deals and creating customized itineraries makes my role as a Travel Advisor the perfect fit.

I love strategizing the Fast Passes, sorting through the best opportunities and organizing the perfect vacation for my clients. You can be sure that I’ll put the same care into planning your
trip that I would my own.

I’m a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge and Universal Studios and can’t wait to bring some magic to your next Disney adventure!

Favorite Disneyland Activity: Splash Mountain! I can ride it first thing in the morning and ride it again 20 times over.

Most Memorable Vacation: One Thanksgiving, my whole family shared a holiday meal at the Storyteller’s Café at the Grand Californian. Together, at a big round table, we had a blast interacting with all the characters. I loved watching my Dad as Chip and Dale mingled with us. It was just a great time!

"Hakuna Matata" - The Lion King

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