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Let's Keep Dreaming!

Vacations may be postponed and travel plans on hold, but we’re still dreaming of all the magical trips we’ll build for you in the future. We’re thrilled to launch our “Let’s Keep Dreaming” series featuring client experiences and feel-good stories to bring a smile to your day! Let’s keep dreaming together!

Meet Megan and her family Megan’s family has asked us to plan many of their dream vacations. Read on for some of their favorites!

Favorite Vacation? Our fave is probably the first time each of our kids went to Disney. They were young but it was so cool to see it through their eyes.

Favorite Disney Park? I think I have to go with Magic Kingdom. It’s THE iconic Disney park, right? So much magic and something for everyone.

Who do you travel with? My husband, kids, my mom, mother in law…and extended family. Not necessarily all at the same time, but we have been to Disney with all of them.

What destination are you looking forward to visiting on your next vacation? Probably Walt Disney World….again. When my kids were younger, they thought airplanes only went to Disney. After another Disney trip, we want to take the kids to Atlantis.

What vacations has Dream Builders Travel helped you plan? Dream Builders Travel has helped with ALL of our Disney trips.

Why did you choose to work with Dream Builders Travel? When I learned about Dream Builders Travel, I knew we would be in good hands. Things at Disney change so much that I couldn’t keep up. I preferred to have someone who knows what’s going on handle our reservations.

Can you share your favorite memory from your most recent vacation? The last time we went was the first time without little kids or babies. We only went for a long weekend but packed in literally almost every attraction. We were exhausted but had a blast.

What services did Dream Builders Travel provide for you and your family? They handled everything start to finish. Reservations, dining, fast passes, etc.

How is working with Dream Builders Travel different than other travel services or your own vacation planning. I couldn’t keep up with Disney’s ever changing rules and updates. I imagine it’s like that with other resorts, too. I would rather have someone who knows the latest news handle our trip.

Why would you recommend Dream Builders Travel to someone planning a vacation? They’re so easy to work with and super knowledgeable.

If you could describe your vacation planning experience while working with Dream Builders Travel in 3 words, what would they be? Top notch travel.

Join our Let’s Keep Dreaming movement! If you’d like to be featured, email or with your favorite travel memories or future vacation dreams!

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